KU Leuven

Bij KU Leuven zijn de volgende vacatures:

Bibliothecaris Technologiecampus De Nayer

Financieel projectbeheerder

Administratief Medewerker (50%)

Investment Manager Life Sciences, Biotech en Pharma

Investment Manager Life Sciences, Biotech en Farma

Verzekeringsadviseur polis- en schadebeheer groepsverzekering

Verzekeringsadviseur studentenongevallen en reisbijstand

Technicus Bouwkunde

Medewerker Communicatie en Events Letteren

Projectmedewerker Webdesign

FACS Core Lab Technician

Laboratoriumtechnoloog FACS Core

Administratief medewerker/financieel projectbeheerder


Onderzoeksadviseur Internationale Fondsen

Kwaliteitszorgmedewerker onderwijs

Onderzoeksleider Gezondheidseconomie

Administratief en financieel coordinator


Medewerker communicatie en events

Over KU Leuven:

KU LEUVEN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is dedicated to building bridges between science and industry, and to transferring knowledge and technologies to society and the marketplace. LRD supports researchers throughout the entire technology and knowledge transfer process and helps them to best leverage the commercial potential of their research. LRD has developed a solid tradition of collaborating with industry, securing and licensing intellectual property rights, creating spin-off companies and stimulating knowledge-driven regional development.

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