KU Leuven

Bij KU Leuven zijn de volgende vacatures:

ZAP vacancy

Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel

Medewerker Informatie en Cyberbeveiliging

Software Architect IAM-omgeving

Applicatiebeheerder / software consultant e-leren en Moocs

Projectmedewerker beveiliging

Medewerker administratie programma

Medewerker onderwijsadministratie

Projectleider / Bachelor in de bouw / toegepaste architectuur


Business Controller / Senior Business Controller

Stafmedewerker financiele planning en beleid

Postdoctoral position

Begeleider Studietraject zorgcoordinator (vervangcontract)

Psychosocial determinants of psychopathology in adolescence

Medewerker Studenten en Onderwijsadministratie


Stafmedewerker communicatie externe relaties

Lab technician


Over KU Leuven:

The division of Molecular Imaging and Photonics aims to facilitate world class biological and materials research by providing cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy instrumentation and data processing tools to researchers in Belgium and beyond.

The resources at MIP include:

• A fully incubated Leica TCS SP8X laser scanning confocal microscope with super-resolution STED, light-sheet and multi-photon imaging capabilities, which is unique in the BeNeLux.
• Two confocal microscopes Fluoview Olympus
• An Olympus CellTIRF Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence instrument
• Multiple purpose built single- and multi-color wide-field epi-fluorescence microscopes
• Image analysis workstations with state of the art software packages and in-house developed software.

Jouw potentiele werkgever: