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Over KU Leuven:

The Ameloot Group at the Center for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (University of Leuven) is looking for a highly skilled organic synthetic chemist who wishes to expand his/her horizons to materials science. In consultation with the successful candidate, this project will focus on the synthesis and application of one or more of the following: (1) porous solids (e.g. metal-organic frameworks, MOFs), (2) organic 'porous' molecules (e.g. cage compounds) and (3) ionic liquids and derived materials. These material classes are the subject of intense research efforts in several high-impact area applications such as integration with microelectronics (e.g. active sensor coatings, dielectrics and solid electrolytes) and gas separation membranes. Our goal is to break the synthesis and processing barriers that prevent these materials from commercial implementation. For instance, our group recently reported a radically new approach that enables chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to make the growth porous solids compatible with cleanroom conditions (link to Nature Materials paper: http://www.nature.com/nmat/journal/v15/n3/full/nmat4509.html).

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