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Bij KU Leuven zijn de volgende vacatures:


Administratieve medewerker residenties Leuven

Administratief medewerker studentenadministratie

PhD position

PhD Position Cell Physiology

PhD position Cell Physiology

Junior Software Architect

Administratief medewerker International Office FEB

Onderwijsondersteuner Engelse taalbeheersing

Staff member teaching of English language proficiency skills

Onderwijsverzorger Frans

Administratief medewerker Residentiebeheer

Adjunct groepsbeheerder Groep W&T

Coordinator MOOC


PhD Position on Optimization of Plastic Sorting and Recycling

SAP Business Analist Senior

SAP Basis expert

Wetenschappelijk medewerker arbeidsmarktonderzoek Junior

Administratief medewerker onderzoeksondersteuning

Over KU Leuven:

We are looking for a motivated student with a background in chemical or biosystems engineering and an interest in the modelling, analysis, and control of biological processes to join the Bio- & Chemical Systems Technology, Reactor Engineering and Safety Section at the Department of Chemical Engineering. The student will work as a PhD student in the group Computational Methodologies for (Bio-)chemical Processes under the supervision of Prof. dr. Steffen Waldherr.
In general, the research of the section is aimed at the exploitation, optimization and control of chemical and biochemical processes in selected, industrially relevant target areas. More information is available on the section's website:

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