KU Leuven

Bij KU Leuven zijn de volgende vacatures:

Anatomie Assistent


Stafmedewerker Onderwijs

PhD Position on Optimization of Plastic Sorting and Recycling


IT-ondersteuner Pc-klassen, Bibliotheken en Leercentra

Control Engineer astronomical instrumentation and telescopes

Control Engineer astronomische instrumenten en telescopen

Expert operator Fluorescence Microscopy

Expert operator Fluorescentie Microscopie

Stafmedewerker Onderwijsbeleid PPW

Technisch administratief medewerker

Administratief Medewerker Halftijds

Verantwoordelijke collectievorming en digitale bibliotheek

Postdoctoral position

Software Architect

Onderwijsassistent statistiek voor psychologen

IT medewerker uitbouw oefenplatform USolv-IT

Technisch medewerker HVAC

IT-ondersteuner polyvalent

Over KU Leuven:

The Laboratory of Chemical Biology at the KU Leuven works on the development of chemical probes for covalent labeling of proteins, with a particular focus on proteases. Protease biology is very complex, since most proteases are synthesized as inactive zymogens and once activated, are subject to post-translational regulation. We develop and apply tools, such as activity-based probes: molecules that specifically react with active forms of proteases. Their selectivity can be adjusted by the probe structure. We also develop probes for fluorescent imaging, inhibitors for intramembrane proteases, cleavable linkers for identification of the proteins targeted by our probes and proteomics methods to study protease action.

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