GuardSquare NV

Bij GuardSquare NV zijn de volgende vacatures:

Software Engineer C++

Digital Marketing Executive

Inside Sales Spanish / Portuguese

Software engineer Java

Security Software Engineer and Cryptographer

System Administrator and Software Services Engineer

R&D Software Engineer C++ / LLVM

R&D Software Engineer Java

Senior R&D Software Engineer C++ / LLVM

Senior R&D Software Engineer Java

Services Engineer

Over GuardSquare NV:

Aantal medewerkers 24
GuardSquare is the global reference in mobile application protection. Our open source optimizer for Java and Android applications, ProGuard, is included in software development kits by Oracle, Intel and Google. It has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its release in 2002 and has a user community of over one million developers. DexGuard and iXGuard, our solutions for the protection of Android and iOS applications against reverse engineering and hacking, are used across the globe in a broad range of industries, from financial services, e-commerce and the public sector, to telecommunication, gaming and new media. GuardSquare is based in Leuven (Belgium) and has an office in San Francisco (USA).

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