Expert operator Fluorescence Microscopy

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Taken en verantwoordelijkheden

To fully utilize the potential of the instrumentation at MIP, especially the Leica system, a the expert operator will be responsible for:
  • Ensuring that imaging experiments make optimal use of the instrumental capabilities
  • Providing comprehensive training and on-going support to users
  • Helping users select optimal microscopy modality for their applications
  • Helping users in the technical optimization of their experiments
  • Maintaining imaging systems and related equipment in good working order
  • Future development of new instrument capabilities, based on user feedback and/or project requirements and close collaboration with equipment manufacturers
  • Keeping track of new developments and the evaluation of new imaging technologies that enhance the performance of these instruments and communicating these insights to other members of MIP and collaborating groups
  • Future development of new mechanical and electronic systems in support of research activities
  • Liaising with optical microscopy companies
  • Valorising microscopy equipment and expertise, by attracting new users from academia and industry
In this way, the expert operator ensures that MIP can remain at the forefront of fluorescence imaging research.

Profiel kandidaat

As  expertoperator fluorescence imaging you are:
  • Familiar with fluorescence microscopy imaging (e.g. confocal, super-resolution, multi-photon, …) or willing to master these subjects through close collaboration with the researchers.
  • Passionate about using state of the art equipment to answer cutting edge research questions
  • A ‘hands-on’ technical expert with a proven track record or education in maintaining electromechanical equipment, either through education or experience
  • Willing to familiarize yourself with key aspects of the biomedical and materials science applications of users
  • An excellent communicator and team player who will be the ‘go-to’ person for principal investigators, users as well as equipment manufacturers
Your candidacy is further strengthened if you would be:
  • Familiar with current web technologiesis a major plus.
  • Interested in software solutions for e.g. data storage and retrieval, management of equipment reservations and interoperability of various MIP resources
  • Capable of demonstrating familiarity with modern software development technologies, …
  •  Able to develop mixed hard- and software solutions or embedded software
  • Will to go the extra mile to meet deadlines or finish projects
Your degrees and competencies

You are:
  • A Bsc level in a technical field
  • An industrial engineer (Mechanicsor Electronics)
  • A civil engineer (Mechanics or Electronics)
  • A Bioscience engineer (Mechatronics)
  • Master in science (Physics,(Bio)Chemistry,….)
Preferably, you have prior work experiencein a relevant field. If you have no prior work experience or hold a different degree, relevant hands-on experience in the fields of electromechanics, software development imaging is a bonus
The imaging facility is a highlyinternational working environment where people have very diverse backgrounds.As such you are:
  • Proficient in English (bothspeaking and writing)
  • An excellent communicator,specifically able to convey your technical expertise to non-technical users
  • Able to work independently
  • An excellent organizer with a keen eye for quality

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For more information please contact Mrs. Silvia Janssens, tel.: +32 16 32 83 66.

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Over KU Leuven:

The division of Molecular Imaging and Photonics aims to facilitate world class biological and materials research by providing cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy instrumentation and data processing tools to researchers in Belgium and beyond.

The resources at MIP include:

• A fully incubated Leica TCS SP8X laser scanning confocal microscope with super-resolution STED, light-sheet and multi-photon imaging capabilities, which is unique in the BeNeLux.
• Two confocal microscopes Fluoview Olympus
• An Olympus CellTIRF Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence instrument
• Multiple purpose built single- and multi-color wide-field epi-fluorescence microscopes
• Image analysis workstations with state of the art software packages and in-house developed software.

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